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Bunnies and Rats are looking for their forever homes

A New Life Animal Sanctuary volunteer will help you get acquainted. Read below to learn more, and then reach out to us,, with any questions.



New Life Animal Sanctuary just took in 32 rabbits released from a laboratory in Northern California! This is just the beginning of their Life After Labs. They’ve been known as only a number. Until today. Today their lives matter for each individual, sentient being they are. Their metal, numbered ear tags have been removed and they will never be hurt again.

Mommy and Baby Rats

While en route to pick up our newest piggy from a laboratory, the lab informed us that 6 expectant rat mothers were set to be euthanized but that we could have them if we wanted. So, of course, Crystal scooped them up too!
As usual, we don’t know what was done to them in the past. We just know that these wonderful creatures are safe, no longer objects of research, and the rat babies will never know the torture that their mothers did.
Babies were born early April and are adults now!

Adopt: Team
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