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March 31, 2022

New Life Animal Sanctuary just took in 32 rabbits released from a laboratory in Northern California! This is just the beginning of their Life After Labs. They’ve been known as only a number. Until today. Today their lives matter for each individual, sentient being they are. Their metal, numbered ear tags have been removed and they will never be hurt again.

We are thrilled to have partnered with our friends at Golden Years Sanctuary who have already taken in 7 and Harry’s Haven who took 6! We are so grateful to work with other wonderful rescues to make the magic happen!

Some 150,000 rabbits are used in labs every year, with approximately 1/3 of those being subjected to procedures involving pain and distress. Rabbits are commonly used for toxicity and safety testing of substances such as drugs, chemicals and medical devices. They are often used in skin and eye irritation studies, such as the archaic and painful Draize tests for cosmetics, personal care, household products and other chemicals.

What You Can Do:

* Donate to the care of these lucky bunnies! PayPal: Venmo: @NewLifeAnimalSanctuary. Checks to P.O. Box 902, Lake Elsinore, CA. 92532

* Send gifts from our Amazon Wish List for bunnies

* Adopt! These and other beauties will be available for adoption soon so keep an eye on our page for adoption info!

* Sponsor any of our new or long time residents to ensure their ongoing care with a monthly contribution

* Buy products from companies that don’t test on animals



March 11, 2022

We are so excited to announce that another beautiful soul has left a laboratory!! These are the best days as it is what we originally set out to do! We welcomed Harriet into the New Life family with open arms today and she is feeling the love!! As are we!

As usual, there is very little we know, and even less we can say… Except that Harriet is just under a year old and has spent every day of her life thus far in a concrete kennel, never seeing the light of day or feeling the earth under her feet.

But her world has just changed in ways she couldn’t have imagined. Harriet’s Life After Labs has just begun and we promise to do everything to make every day a new wonder! She deserves it. They all do, but all aren’t so lucky.

We are very proud and grateful to have partnered once again with Loveland Rescue to ensure Harriet lives her best life going forward!




February 18, 2022

We asked, you shared, and the universe answered! Tonight we welcomed not 1, not 2, but THREE beautiful llamas into our farmily!! Though we hoped for 1 or 2, they are bonded so we did not want to separate them and all the circumstances indicated it was meant to be. So it is.
Their story is sad but they are also very lucky to have had some wonderful people looking out for them. They are HOME now and we just can’t wait to integrate them with our lonely Diego and to pamper them for the rest of their lives!!! We will share more pics over the coming days!

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