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Rescuing and rehabilitating gentle, innocent creatures, providing

food, shelter, and veterinary care - wouldn't that make a wonderful gift?

A thoughtful gift for your loved ones this holiday. And a generous way to help rescued animals.

A virtual adoption includes an email or letter to your recipient with the animal's name and story, along with his or her photo. The gift will thank the recipient for joining the animal's adoptive family, and let them know how the donated funds will be used (food probably, an enriching new toy maybe!)

Just make any donation using PayPal and include the recipient's name and email address in the notes (on the PayPal donation window). Your donation is Tax-Deductible.

Almost 200 lives have been saved from laboratories this year, thanks to our donors and virtual adopters! Send an email to if you have any questions We will help you get your gift emailed right away.



The sanctuary is home to a large group of beautiful pink ladies - maybe you heard about the largest known rescue of pigs from a laboratory ever? Way back in 2015, these sweet girls, including Lucy, are given a life after labs. Now she happily ambles around the whole sanctuary, greeting visitors and then snoring into a nap in the sun.

You can virtually adopt Lucy to hear about her antics and provide for her care, as well as yummy pumpkins!



Hamilton is one of our sweetest residents, a fuzzy white donkey who lives here with his mate Harmony. Hamilton is only asking for world peace this Christmas and carrots.

Virtually adopt as a gift and your recipient can find out all about Hamilton and see how well fed and happy he is in 2023!



This year we took in 32 rabbits released from a laboratory in Northern California, recognizing each as an individual, sentient being. Their metal, numbered ear tags have been removed and they have been given names along with freedom.

Bunny is ready to be virtually adopted, and as a gift your donation can be shared with the recipient, while providing much needed veterinary care.

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