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We are a 501c3 sanctuary devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of animals who have survived laboratory research.

Founded in 2008 by Gina Lynn, New Life Animal Sanctuary is proud to be one of the first sanctuaries in the country that focuses its efforts on saving animals from laboratories, also one of the only sanctuaries that rescues rodents! To date we have taken in thousands of survivors. We have also rescued farm animals raised for slaughter and injured companion animals.

NLAS also serves as a liaison for orphaned, injured and ill wildlife in shelters. We arrange for transport of wildlife to appropriate rehabbers and are proud to have saved thousands.

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Our slogan “Life After Labs®” is meant to emphasize the idea and possibility that an animal’s life does not have to end when the laboratory study does.

Some laboratories euthanize animals at the end of experiments because their deaths are part of the experiment, or they’re in too much permanent pain. In some cases laboratories simply “terminate” animals at the end of the study because that is standard protocol. It often isn’t considered that these animals should be allowed to live out the rest of their lives in comfortable and compassionate conditions allowing for natural behavior.

Where the experiment ends, is where their lives can finally begin.

At New Life Animal Sanctuary we put our slogan into action by saving as many animals as we can who have survived laboratory research. 

Most will spend the remainder of their life with us, some will be adopted into suitable homes.



According to the 2019 report, the breakdowns of reported animal usage in USDA-registered and federal
facilities for that year was as follows:

DOGS: 58,511 - CATS: 18,270 - GUINEA PIGS: 181,993 - HAMSTERS: 98,296 -  NONHUMAN PRIMATES: 68,257 - PIGS: 50,777 - RABBITS: 142,472 - SHEEP: 13,953 - OTHER COVERED SPECIES: 165,017*

TOTAL: 797,546


At the end of each year, we enjoy looking back to see all the good you have helped us do, and it is our opportunity to share it with you!

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